Documents required for membership

Manisa Commerce Stock Exchange firms which applied for registration by completing the below-mentioned documents are required to submit our building Exchange Service. 

Documents required for recording real people

     *Tradesmen Trade Registry Gazette or original or certified copy or certificate of registration,
     *Or a certificate of residence permit
     *Notarized signature Declaration
     *Trade Registry Gazette or the Commercial Registration Certificate (for the last 6 months will be)
     *Photo ID Card (or from the District Directorate of Population is taken.)
     *Copy of Tax Bill
     *New images taken of 3
     *Declaration (Real-Person Registration Form)
     *Registration Fee ................. TL-



Legal Documents Required for Registration of Persons

     *Petition written to the Presidency of the Commodity Exchange
     *Notarized signature circular (the original)
     *Copy of Tax Bill
     *Trade Registry Gazette in which the original or a certified copy (for the last 6 months will be)
     *Representatives are approved and the photo (the numbers indicate citizenship), ID card copy,
     *Residential İlmübaberleri representatives (from the District Directorate of Population taken or)
     *Representatives of 3 new photos taken
     *Declaration (Legal Person Registration Form)
     *Registration Fee .................... TL. -

Manisa Commodity Exchange member firms who want to be a member of 3 companies is by reference to the legislation.